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Active Fluid Management® Technology

AFM® Technology brings deep science and meaningful design to wound care.

Active Fluid Management Technology

Active Fluid Management® technology is a three part design that combines two layers of high performance fabric using a micro-knit process. This creates a powerful moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate. The combination of these fabrics keeps the periwound skin dry, the wound bed moist, and harmful exudate away from a healing wound.
Seemingly simple but highly technical, Milliken's Tritec™ and Ultra products are designed with Active Fluid Management® technology, the result of decades of textile innovation. By combining multiple proprietary technologies into a simple dressing, Milliken has introduced deep science, unique insights and meaningful design to the wound care industry. The AFM® technology PULLS exudate away from the wound, PRESERVES optimal moisture and PROTECTS healthy skin from maceration. 
Transfer Layer
Micro-Knit Process Protection Layer

MicroKnit Blowup.jpg
​ ​*One integrated dressing - layers shown for illustrative purposes only
    • • Designed with an extremely

         hydrophilic fiber

    • PULLS exudate through the
         Protection Layer into a
         secondary dressing

    • • Creates a continuous capacity
         to handle moisture and exudate

  • Proprietary technology created

    by Milliken Healthcare Products,

• Creates the transferring
   mechanism by which the two
   layers interact

• Facilitates balance and PRESERVES                         o optimal moisture at the wound bed


• The layer that makes direct
   contact with the wound bed

• Supports 2 critical functions:
   regulates moisture and
   PROTECTS healthy skin

• Unidirectional fibers only wick
   moisture vertically through the