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AFM® and Silver Technology

TRITEC™ Silver, ULTRA Silver and ASSIST Silver combine AFM and Silver Technologies.


TRITECTM Silver, ULTRA Silver and ASSIST Silver combine AFM and Silver Technologies.

The silver antimicrobial technology used in our dressings is called SelectSilver® Antimicrobial.  SelectSilver releases silver ions (Ag+) from inert carrier particles composed of zirconium phosphate.  The ions are released upon exposure to moisture containing sodium, as is found in bodily fluids such as exudate.  The silver ions are released slowly throughout the use of the dressings up to 7 days, reducing the risk of silver toxicity to sensitive cells or the stinging or staining associated with rapid, uncontrolled release of silver.


The results of extensive laboratory testing have demonstrated that the silver ions released by SelectSilver® Antimicrobial technology are effective against a broad spectrum of Gram + and  Gram – bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as fungi1.

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Fig.1. Silver.jpg     Fig.2. Silver.jpg      Fig.3. Silver.jpg
    Fig. 1 . Particles of SelectSilver Antimicrobial                  Fig. 2. Scanning electron micrograph of the                       Fig. 3. Lower magnification image of             
    bound  to a fiber in TRITEC Silver dressing.                       zirconium phosphate particles in SelectSilver                     SelectSilver  Antimicrobial particles
Antimicrobial. The  silver ions bound to the                        bound to the fibers in TRITEC Silver
particles are atoms and are too small to see                      dressings.
at  this magnification.