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AFM® Combined with Foam

ULTRA and ULTRA Silver combine AFM technology with a highly absorbent foam.

AFM® Technology Combined With Foam

Unlike traditional foams, Ultra dressings use AFM technology to first spread exudate across the entire surface of the dressing and then up into the foam.  This helps maintain a moist interface between the wound bed and the dressing, while utilizing the entire foam substrate.  Ultra Foam Dressing keeps the periwound skin dry, the wound bed moist and harmful exudate away from a healing wound.  The following video demonstrates how exudate (blue dye) is introduced into the foam and how it continues to spread across the foam while leaving a thin white, dry line over the periwound area.   

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Every Ultra and Ultra silver dressing utilizes Active Fluid Management Technology.  The Transfer and Protection Layers are combined using a unique micro-knit process.  These high performance fabrics are then combined with a highly absorbent foam layer, creating a powerful moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate in the foam layer. 


*One integrated dressing - layers shown for illustrative purposes only
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