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Awarded by American Burn Association

ASSIST Silver was found to be easier to use, less expensive, and resulted in less pain.

Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC recently completed a Department of Defense funded multicenter prospective clinical trial comparing ASSIST Silver to the standard of care, Sulfamylon, as a split thickness skin graft cover dressing.  The clinical trial was conducted at 5 burn centers including the US military’s burn center at the San Antonio Military Medical Center and four University Hospitals in the Southeastern United States.  ASSIST Silver was found to be clinically comparable to Sulfamylon while being easier to use, less expensive, and resulting in less pain for the patient. 

The trial was presented as a podium talk at the recent American Burn Association National Conference in Chicago, Il and was selected as one of the top 6 abstracts for the conference.  A poster was also presented comparing the graft healing assessments in-person vs. from digital photography with won “best in category” and 2nd place overall.