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10/20/2017Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC showcases “Bridging the Gap Between Compression and Exudate Management in Lower Extremity
10/20/2017Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC features “Reduced Visits and Improved Results on Chronic Wounds using AFM
10/20/2017Milliken HealthCare Product, LLC presents “Investigating the Use of Moisture Management Dressing for Tracheostomy Sites”
5/19/2017Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC presents A Unique Method to Enhance Vesicostomy Pouching in a School Aged Child
6/22/2013Milliken Healthcare Products LLC Receives Innovative Technology Award Extension from Novation
3/15/2013Milliken Healthcare Products is granted renewal of Federal Supply Schedule Government Contract
2/25/2013Milliken Healthcare Products LLC Updates Branding of Skin Wound Burn Care Portfolio