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Evil Exudate: Managing its Wrath on the Periwound

Presenter:Dr. Treadwell is the Director of Wound Care Services at Baptist Medical Center South and Medical Director of the Institute for Advanced Wound Care in Montgomery, AL.  He is also the Clinical Editor of WOUNDS as well as Past President and two term Board of Directors member of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC). 

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will...1) be able to more readily identify types of wound exudate
2) better understand the impact chronic wound exudate plays in the wound healing process
3) learn about innovative technologies changing the standard of care for moderate to highly exudating wounds.

Description:In the 1960’s, George Winter showed that a moist wound environment was beneficial to the chronic wound healing process. Since that time, we have witnessed a dramatic shift toward the moist wound healing environment, yet interestingly, there has been limited discussion around the management of excessive moisture and the prevention of periwound maceration. In this webinar, Dr. Terry Treadwell, a renowned expert in the field, will provide a comprehensive scientific review of the many different types of wound exudate and explain its deleterious components. He will also discuss the negative impact chronic wound exudate has on the wound healing process and provide the audience with an innovative technology that is changing the standard of care for moderate to highly exudating wounds.

Target Audience:This complimentary program is intended for any clinicians involved in the care of acute and chronic wounds and the management of skin breakdown.