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TRITEC™ and TRITEC™ Silver wound dressings feature our patented Active Fluid Management® technology.




TRITEC and TRITEC Silver Dressings

TRITEC™ and TRITEC™ Silver wound dressings feature our
Active Fluid Management
® technology.  A key
attribute of the TRITEC design is the hydrophilicity of each
layer. Because the Transfer Layer is more hydrophilic than
the Protection Layer, exudate will migrate vertically through
each layer and away from the wound bed. 


 Indications for Use
Indicatons for TRITEC Dressings 




         • Partial thickness burns

         • Skin grafts

         • Donor Sites

         • Lacerations

          • Abrasions 

         • Stage II-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic) 

         • Incisions




 Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of TRITEC and TRITEC Silver Dressings

Active Fluid Management                 Patient Comfort

  • • Continuously removes excess exudate,                   • Stays flexible and moves with the patient
  •    bacteria and harmful toxins                                   • Conformable and easy to use on difficult to
  • • Minimizes the risk of maceration                               dress areas
  • • Protects healthy, intact skin
  • • Transfers excess exudate away from patient

Easy to Use                               Silver Efficacy
Can be cut to Size                                                  • Proprietary ceramic silver ion technology
• Stays intact, even when wet                                   • Powerful controlled release of silver inhibits a    
• Fewer Dressing changes                                            broad-spectrum of infection causing microbes
• Change only the secondary dressing as                      including antibiotic-resistant strains.

  needed                                                                 • Activated by the body's own sodium 

                                                                              • Proven to last up to 7 days.


 Product Specifications

 TRITEC Product SpecificationsTRITEC Silver Products Specifications
TRITEC 4" x 5" Wound Care Dressing  TRITEC 4" x 48" Wound Care Wrap
                                                                                        TRITEC 4" x 5"                TRITEC 4" x 48" Wrap
 TRITEC Silver 1" x 24" Wound Care Strip   TRITEC Silver 4" x 5" Wound Care Dressing    TRITEC Silver 4" x 48" Wound Care Wrap    TRITEC Silver 6" x 6" Wound Care Dressing
                         TRITEC Silver 1" x 24"       TRITEC Silver 4" x 5"             TRITEC Silver 4" x 48"             TRITEC Silver 6" x 6"

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