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ASSIST Silver dressings are designed for graft covers and burn injuries.

ASSIST Silver Graft Covers




 ASSIST Silver Graft Cover Products

ASSIST Silver dressings were designed specifically for the management of skin and skin substitute graft applications where low adherence is paramount. A proprietary porous, non-adherent layer was added to the AFM layer to reduce the risk of dressing adherence at removal.  The proprietary Active Fluid Management® technology pumps fluid in one direction through the AFM layer away from the patient, while providing antimicrobial protection and a moist environment. 




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Indications for ASSIST Silver Dressings



     • Partial thickness burns
     • Skin grafts
     • Donor Sites
     • Lacerations
     • Abrasions

     • Stage II-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic) 
                                                                  • Incisions

 Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of ASSIST Silver Graft Covers

Active Fluid Management                                     Patient Comfort
• Continuously removes excess exudate,                         • Low-adherent layer makes for easier
   bacteria and harmful toxins                                           dressing removal

• Minimizes the risk of maceration                                 • Stays flexible and moves with the patient

• Protects healthy intact skin                                         • Conformable and easy to use on difficult to

• Pumps moisture away from patient                                 dress areas

Easy to Use                                                             Silver Efficacy
• ASSIST can be applied directly to grafts                       • Proprietary ceramic silver ion technology                  
• Does not require prewetting/rewetting                        • Powerful controlled release of silver inhibits a    
• Change only the secondary dressing as                           broad-spectrum of infection causing microbes

   needed                                                                           including antibiotic-resistant strains

• Less wound bed disturbance                                       •  Proven to last up to 7 days.

                                                                                  • Activated by the body's own sodium


 Product Specifications

          AS4x48.jpgAS6x6.jpg AS8x20.jpg
   ASSIST Silver 4" x 48"              ASSIST Silver 6" x 6"                     ASSIST Silver 8" x20


 Application Guide

Initial Application
1. Apply ASSIST Silver directly to the graft site:

   a. Overlap the graft cover approximately 3 - 4 inches onto intact skin
   b. For large areas either overlap or place ASSIST Silver edge to edge

 Note: a non-adherent layer is not required between ASSIST Silver and the graft site

2.  Secure with roll gauze, burn netting or other appropriate secondary dressing 

Day 2-7

1. ASSIST Silver is usually replaced every 2-3 days in the first week post-grafting.
2. Between dressing changes, inspect secondary dressings for proper positioning and amount of drainage.
3. The secondary dressing can be replaced as needed without disturbing ASSIST Silver.

Days 8-Graft Healing

1. ASSIST Silver should be used until the graft is completely healed.
2. Apply and maintain secondary dressings as indicated above.
3. After the first week post-grafting, ASSIST Silver can be left in place for up to 7 days but should be changed per clinician preference. 


 Product Literature

      ASSIST Flyer_Final-3.jpg         
      ASSIST Silver Pamphlet         ASSIST Silver Clinical Summary                      FAQs                               Simple Difference       
Best Clinical Practices
                         General Overview