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ULTRA wound dressings combines our AFM® technology with a highly absorbent foam.


ULTRA and ULTRA Silver Foam Dressings



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ULTRA and ULTRA Silver ProductsEvery Milliken ULTRA dressing utilizes Active Fluid Management® Technology created by Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC.  This three-part design combines two layers of high-performance fabric using a micro-knit process, creating a moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate.  The combination of these fabrics keeps the wound bed moist, the periwound skin healthy, and harmful exudate away from a healing wound.

The patented foam technology in ULTRA increases the clinically relevant capacity of the dressing by pulling excess exudate through the dressing and across the entire foam substrate.  This increased absorbing capacity allows for superior moisture management, longer wear times and ultimately fewer dressing changes.



Indications for ULTRA and ULTRA Silver Dressings

Indicatons for ULTRA and ULTRA Silver
Indicated for use on:


              • Partial thickness burns

         • Skin grafts

         • Donor Sites

         • Lacerations

          • Abrasions

         • Stage II-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic) 
         • Incisions



 Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits of ULTRA and ULTRA Silver Foam Dressings


Active Fluid Management                                                    Patient Comfort

  • Continuously removes                                                       • Fewer painful dressing changes
     excess exudate,

     bacteria and harmful toxins

  • Minimizes the risk of maceration

  • Protects healthy, intact skin

  • May be used under compression,

     minimizes strikeback

Easy to Use                                                                         Silver Efficacy

  • Can be cut to size                                                                • Proprietary ceramic silver ion technology 

  • Less wound bed disturbance                                                 • Powerful controlled release of silver inhibits a
  • Longer wear times                                                                 
broad-spectrum of infection causing microbes

  • Significant cost savings                                                           including antibiotic-resistant strains.

                                                                                               • Activated by the body's own sodium

                                                                                               • Proven to last up to 3 days.  

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