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Downloadable marketing material about Milliken Healthcare Products and our Product lines.

Product Literature

As you learn more about Milliken Healthcare Products, we look forward to learning more about how we can help you with your wound care needs.

You can also learn more about Milliken's products through a short video.  Click here for the National Medical Report

 General Brochures      

      General Overview​                               FAQs                                Simple Difference                   Best Clinical Practices 


 Case Studies


Venous Leg Ulcer and TRITEC Silver

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and TRITEC Silver Strip


LSEs and TRITEC Silver

Fistulas and TRITEC Silver Strip

Trachs and TRITEC Silver Strip

When nothing else worked

Lower Extremity Wounds TRITEC Silver

Venous Insufficiency and TRITEC Silver

Comparison of in vitro Periwound Protection

Avoiding Amputation in a Complex Diabetic Foot Infection


Successful Management of a Complex Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Use of a New Active Bi-Layered Dressing for Lower Extremity Ulcers

Use of Tritec to Manage Exudate from Wounds

           Pouching in a School Aged Child  ​                            Dressings for Tracheostomy Sites

                         Compression  ​                                   Total Contact Casting for Improved Wound


                                 Wound Dressings​                                       Wounds Using Active Fluid Management Dressings


 Technical Brochures

Silver_Release_White_Paper_2007-5.jpg Periwound Protection_Final-1.jpgPages from AFM_Ag_Spectrum_of_Activity_final version.jpg
           Silver White Paper                          Periwound Protection Study              Antimicrobial Performance            Silver is Effective Against Microbes


 Directions For Use

Instrutions.PNG  instruction brochure ULTRADIRECTIONSr02_2.jpg
                       TRITECTM Directions                                                                                              ULTRA Directions

instruction brochure ASSISTDIRECTIONSr02.jpg

                 ASSIST Directions


 Product Brochures

           ASSIST Silver                                TRITEC                                TRITEC Pre-Cut                               ULTRA​​

 ASSIST Flyer_Final-3.jpg  ​

              ULTRA Brochure                               ASSIST Silver                                      ASSIST Silver 
                                                       Clinical Summary                     Absorbent Dressing​