Animal Health: Creating a Healthier Future

Milliken Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of cohesive flexible bandages for the animal health market.

We have a range of products that you can access and find one to match your needs whether you are a veterinarian, pet owner, weekend horseback trail rider or a tack shop owner. We have a lot of devoted product users who enjoy getting creative with our products.

Meet a furry friend who is showing off his/her unique PetFlex masterpiece here. You're seeing Mr. Carter when he's still, which sounds like a rarity! This six-month-old Border Collie mix enjoys running, barking and playing with any squeaky toy he can get his paws on! This puppy from Harrisburg, Arkansas, is wearing our PetFlex color and No Chew bandages.

Our No Chew bandage has a bitter flavor that's safe for pets and helps prevent pups like Mr. Carter from biting, tearing or chewing at his bandages so he can have a quick recovery.