Animal Health: January's Featured Pet - George

Milliken Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of cohesive flexible bandages for the animal health market.

We have a range of products that you can access and find one to match your needs whether you are a veterinarian, pet owner, weekend horseback trail rider or a tack shop owner. We have a lot of devoted product users who enjoy getting creative with our products.

George is this month's pet! He's not furry like our usual featured friends, but he can still benefit from our products. George is a California Desert tortiose and is about 70 years old. He enjoys exploring the Long Beach Animal Hospital in Long Beach, California, greeting clients, sunbathing and playing with his favorite toy...George likes to attack any black shoe he sees! George's shell needs a lot of PetFlex, but its EasyTear patented technology makes it easy for the techs and assistants to apply it without any scissors.