Medical: Hamilton Health System Case Study

Hamilton Health Care System Treats Venous Insufficiency with Milliken's Antimicrobial Dressings

Chronic venous insufficiency is responsible for 70% of chronic wounds found on lower extremities. Typically, venous inefficiencies are treated by compression therapies, but this standard of care can be complicated by the lack of moisture management and periwound protection leading to maceration. In an attempt to solve moisture management challenges, many different advanced wound care dressings are used to solve this problem, but instead lead to untraceable adverse reactions.

Hamilton Health Care System treated three patients with TRITEC Silver with Active Fluid Management (AFM) technology which were covered by an absorbent layer and secured by gauze. The dressings remained in place for up to seven days while the outer layers were changed once or twice a week in the wound care clinic or by a home health clinician.  

This case study concluded that TRITEC Silver with AFM technology effectively manages venous stasis complicated by stasis dermatitis due to its ability to decrease constant irritation from excess wound exudate and periwound excoriation.

TRITEC Silver with AFM technology is effective in managing excess moisture relating to venous insufficiency creating a healthy healing environment while protecting the surrounding skin from harmful exudate.

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