Medical: Star Valley Health's Annual Teddy Bear Clinic

Star Valley Health educates children on the hospital experience and how our products help to improve patient lives.

Star Valley Health in Afton, Wyoming, welcomes 200-300 elementary school children into its facility for two days each fall to educate them on what goes on in hospitals.

Star Valley's goal is to make the hospital experience less scary for children. The students receive a health kit and a teddy bear from Star Valley Health. The kit includes our CoFlex bandages, syringes, bandaids, a surgical mask and cap, gauze pads and disposable stethoscopes.

While at the hospital, the children have the opportunity to see the teddy bear get an x-ray, have their blood pressure taken, and meet employees from the emergency room and sheriff's department. Each experience helps to make the children less afraid when coming to the hospital for real-life medical visits and emergencies.

To learn more about Star Valley Health, visit their website. To learn more about CoFlex bandages, click here.