Animal Health: Best Practices in Bandaging

As a caregiver of animals, the health of the animal you are treating is your top priority. To give your patients the best care, it is critical to have the right tools at your fingertips. When it comes to bandaging, there are specific features that can help make treatment more efficient and easy on you.

While many bandages appear the same at first glance, the quality of the product is found by what you cannot see.

1. Latex: Milliken uses a custom high-quality natural rubber latex in our bandages. Other bandages on the market typically use recycled rubber, which is most commonly found in used rubber tires.

2. Fabric construction: Compared to other bandages on the market, PetFlex bandages are reinforced textiles that are coated in a proprietary formulation, which allows the material to be easily torn across without ripping.

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Look closely, NOT all COHESIVE BANDAGES are the same.

Bandage Construction  
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