Animal Health: Meeting Your Patients' Needs

As a caregiver of animals, we know that meeting your patients’ needs is one of your top priorities. In order to do this, you must use a bandage with features that you can trust. With Milliken’s PetFlex bandages you can get a better product that is safe and provides solutions that can help you and your clinic.

While many bandages appear the same at first glance, the quality of the product is found by what you cannot see.

1. Due to our manufacturing process, Milliken products will NOT constrict on your patient after application.

2. Milliken manufactures our products with a high-quality, proprietary formulation as opposed to recycled rubbers, which are commonly found in other bandages on the market. Our formulation allows for the best, superior stick, no matter what your patients’ needs are, therefore our products will NOT unwind once applied

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Watch the video below to learn how to meet your patients’ needs.

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Our bitter-tasting PetFlex No Chew is a great solution to help prevent biting, tearing and chewing of bandages and is safe for all animals. It is ideal for the bored, idle or infrequent chewer and perfect to help deter licking at IV or catheter sites.

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