Webinar: Clinical Study on Two-Layer Compression Options

Watch this on-demand webinar with Dr. Jonker, PhD, and our clinical nurse Gwen McComy, RN, BSN as they discuss options in two-layer compression systems. The webinar also covers the results from a recent clinical study conducted and published in BJCN assessing two-layer compression with and without Calamine to determine patient preference.

Webinar Details

Previously recorded on Tuesday, November 3, 11:30 AM ET

Study Overview: 

A recent study out of the UK compared AndoFlex®* TLC Calamine and Coban2®** for patient comfort and preference (related to degree of itchiness) and pruritus symptomology.


  • 39 patients enrolled and randomized, 35 completed the study
  • Patients wore either Normal (35-40 mmHg) or Lite (25-30 mmHg) AndoFlex TLC Calamine or Coban2 for 6 weeks (2 phases of 3 weeks, one phase of each compression type).
  • Eligibility Criteria: 18 years or older, clinically diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), and CEAP (classification system for chronic venous disorders) clinical score of C2 or higher.

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As seen in the June 2020 issue of BJCN

BJCN image

*AndoFlex TLC Calamine also known as CoFlex TLC Calamine is a registered trademarks of Andover Healthcare, Inc., a subsidiary of Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC. 

**Coban2 is a registered trademark of 3M.