Sports Medicine: Disinfectants Best Practices Podcast

Earlier this year, when the pandemic hit, we heard from many of our sports medicine customers that disinfectants were hard to source. Hearing this need, we moved quickly and leveraged our partnership with Contec, the leaders in contamination control products, and introduced Sporicidin. However, many athletic trainers said they needed more information on disinfectants.

On-Demand Disinfectant Podcast

To provide more information, we have created this 15-minute podcast. Listen to hear from athletes and disinfectant experts on how they are navigating through the pandemic as we return to sports.

What you’ll learn:
- How athletes are impacted by the pandemic as they return to sports
- What to consider when selecting disinfectants
- Best practices with using disinfectants in sports facilities

- Jeffrey Earnhardt, professional race car driver
- Oliver Crawford, tennis player, University of Florida and ATP player
- Dr. Mark Wiencek, lead microbiologist for Contec
- Stephen Leung, business manager, Contec 

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