Sports Medicine: Drop Tests

With all of the taping systems available today, it can be hard to determine which taping system will provide the most support for your athletes. To determine the quality of the tape and its adhesive, try these simple Drop Strain Tests.

Test 1

Drop Test

1. Tear off a 15” to 20” strip of each of your tapes.

2. Stick them to a table where the remaining tape does not stick to a surface.

3. Leave the tapes for an extended time, such as overnight.

Results: A low-quality cotton tape will curl back towards itself and/or present a wavy or rippling affect. A high-quality synthetic tape should stay completely flat.

Andover Drop Strain Test

Test 2

Drop Strain Test

1. Take the rolls of tape you want to compare and stick them to a wall in a row.

2. Pull each roll down a foot to a foot and a half.

3. Leave the tapes for an extended period, such as overnight. It is best to video tape this test so you can see the rate at which the rolls fall.

Results: If a tape drops down the wall a lot, it means it has a lower-quality adhesive. When you check your recording, if the tapes fall at an inconsistent rate, it has a poor unwind from the result of a low-quality adhesive. (For example: It could drop slowly for the first hour and then drop a foot in the next second.)

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