Sports Medicine: Taping Methods for Ankle Injuries

At Milliken Healthcare, we are empowering stronger athletes with our cohesive bandages and adhesive tapes that help prevent sports injuries and assist athletes with post-injury recovery.

Foot and ankle injuries are among the most common injuries sustained by athletes. (1) These types of injuries impact athletes physically and physiologically – ultimately leading to lost game time.

Because of the high amount of ankle injuries, athletic trainers have turned to wrapping athletes’ ankles before every game to prevent injury. The goal is to support the ankle joint and limit range of motion. 

The taping methods shown below can be used for basic ankle injury prevention, ankle post-injury stability, and various post-injury situations. These techniques show multiple ways to provide injury prevention and post-injury stability for inversions, eversions and high ankle sprains.

Regular or Basic Preventative Ankle

Preventative Ankle Variation - Speed Taping

Our unique synthetic taping systems offer superior pre & post injury support for athletes. With PowerFlex® as the base layer, professionals can now choose from three tape options as the top layer for an Ultimate Taping System. See all of our products here.

Click here to watch Ron O'Neil, a former NFL athletic trainer, demonstrate various taping methods using our PowerFlex and PowerPro products.