Medical: UPMC Case Series

Milliken Healthcare Partners with UPMC to Show How Our Dressings Help Improve the Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Wounds

With the rise of chronic diseases, the occurrence of debilitating wounds are more prevalent causing a decline in quality of life. Ineffective exudate management can lead to odor, maceration and further wound breakdown. Because of wound odor and exudate, patients experience: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of well-being, frustration, repulsion, and decreased quality of life.

Four patients who reported dissatisfaction with malodor and wound drainage associated with other advanced wound care dressings were chosen for this study. During the study, the care regiment was changed to Milliken's TRITEC and ULTRA dressings with Active Fluid Management (AFM) technology to manage the excess exudate more efficiently.

With TRITEC and ULTRA with AFM technology, patients saw improved management of exudate that ultimately lead to wound healing, fewer clinic visits, and notably less malodor. They stated a better quality of life because they were able to attend church, other social functions, and resume intimate relations with their spouse. Overall, they experienced increase confidence and a positive outlook on life.

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