Milliken Healthcare offers a variety of high-quality healthcare products including wound and burn care dressings, cohesive bandages, compression solutions and medical tapes.

Our offerings span a huge range of applications, from holding IV devices in place to attaching monitors, securing dressings, positioning patients and many other uses.

Our Medical products are used in hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms, doctors’ offices, wound clinics and by emergency services personnel. Our entire Medical portfolio is underpinned by our mission to improve patient lives.

Backed by an organization with more than 150 years of experience in textile design, chemical science and materials manufacturing, we strive to improve clinical outcomes while helping our customers to increase efficiency, reduce waste and optimize their budgets.

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Our products


  • CoFlex: A variety of high-quality cohesive bandage options, including latex, latex-free, hand tear and more.
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  • CoFlex TLC: Medicated and unmedicated options that provides a two-step level of comfort and healing unlike any other two-layer compression on the market, including odor and itch control.
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  • ASSIST: Designed specifically for the management of skin and skin substitute graft applications where low adherence is paramount.
  • NUSTAT: Helps address patient blood loss through hemostatic fiber technology.
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  • CoFlex AFD: All-in-one foam pad dressing and bandage ideal for wound care and emergency care applications.
  • TRITEC: Utilizes Active Fluid Management® technology, which combines two layers of high-performance fabric, using a micro-knit process, to create a moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate.
  • ULTRA: Designed for circumstances where copious drainage is anticipated and protection from trauma may also be important.
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  • Milliken Perimeter™ Level 1 Gowns: Reusable gowns for minimal risk situations that provide a slight barrier to small amounts of fluid penetration. A more sustainable option to disposable gowns with a longer garment lifetime. Durable woven textile for optimal comfort. Can be washed up to 25 times.
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