Supporting the Healthcare Industry

Milliken Healthcare helps you achieve optimal patient care through advanced wound and burn care dressings, cohesive bandages, compression solutions and tapes that complement your existing patient treatment tools and processes.

From development to delivery, we offer a wide range of products and materials that are used in the Medical, Animal Health and Sports Medicine markets. We also bring value-added solutions to our distribution partners with private label solutions.

Cohesive Bandages

We supply a wide variety of high-quality cohesive bandages for the Medical and Animal Health markets as well as strong, self-adhering taping options that provide lasting support for Sports Medicine. Our products are tailored to meet specific needs such as easy application, comfort, controlled compression, multiple sizes and resistance to moisture. We offer market-leading, non-latex technologies for added comfort without compromising on performance, and many of our products are available in numerous colors and prints.

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Compression Bandages

We support Medical professionals with a selection of two-layer Compression Kits. These kits combine a soft foam roll with a non-latex, self-adhering bandage designed for easy application. The foam layers are customized to offer specific benefits such as itch control, moisture transfer and skin-soothing properties. The compression bandage layer incorporates EasyTear Technology, eliminating the need for scissors. Our Compression Kits offer lasting, non-slip support and do not contain Natural Rubber Latex.

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Our product offering includes wound contact layer, foam, antimicrobial, burn care, and hemostatic dressings. The ULTRA, TRITEC® and ASSIST® dressings incorporate Milliken’s Active Fluid Management® (AFM®) technology, the result of decades of textile innovation, which provides superior moisture management using a micro-knit process for wound, skin and burn care.

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We provide quality adhesive medical tapes, which are used in the Medical sector for support strapping, patient positioning and podiatry applications. Designed to help prevent irritation, the tapes do not contain Natural Rubber Latex and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. We also supply strong, flexible adhesive tapes used in Sports Medicine and synthetic adhesive veterinary tape with fun prints for Animal Health applications

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