Skin Fold Management:
Moisture Wicking Fabric

ComfortDry™ is designed to help manage the discomfort associated with skin folds. The gentle fabric wicks away moisture & reduces skin-to-skin friction. SelectSilver™ Antimicrobial provides odor control for up to 5 days.

Helps manage the discomfort associated with skin folds.

SelectSilver™ Antimicrobial provides odor control for up to 5 days

Easy-to-use fabric is precut to be the best single-use size right out of the box to wick away moisture from skin folds & reduce skin-to-skin friction

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ComfortDry fabric is a skin protectant indicated for the management of skin-to-skin irritations commonly associated with skin folds.


ComfortDry has shown to be effective in reducing complications, such as itching and odor, commonly found with skin folds. The fabric is easy-to use and is ready to be applied straight from the box. Additionally, it replaces the need for other skincare products, such as powders and pastes, which can be messy upon application.


When to Dispose:
Remove fabric before bathing and re-apply when finished. ComfortDry fabric may be used up to 5 days. Single use. Do not wash and re-use.

ComfortDry fabric is not a wound dressing and should not be placed directly onto an open wound. Should not be used by people with a known sensitivity to silver.

May cause transient skin staining. Excessive absorption of silver into the body may cause the skin to obtain a blue-grey appearance (Argyria). The safe use of ComfortDry fabric during pregnancy, lactation and on children has not been demonstrated. May not be used to protect against urine and feces. If such soiling occurs, the fabric must be changed immediately. Creams or ointment used in conjunction with ComfortDry fabric may reduce the efficacy of the product. In vitro studies with this product have been shown to cause mild biological reactivity.


ComfortDry fabric was designed to relieve several symptoms, such as itching, odor and burning, associated with Intertrigo. The fabric, made of gentle polyester, helps wick away moisture and reduce friction in the skin fold. The SelectSilver antimicrobial technology in the fabric works against bacteria, fungus and yeast commonly found in the skin fold.