Compression Technology

Milliken Healthcare offers the widest range of two-layer compression options for patients with edema associated with venous insufficiency.

The systems provide a two-step level of comfort and healing that is unmatched by any other two-layer compression or Unna boot currently on the market. All compression options include visual indicators for easier application.

Our visual indicators take the guesswork out of application and hit your target every time. Use our visual indicators as a guide as you stretch the bandage. When the oval indicators become circles, you have reached the correct level of compression based on the patient’s ABIs.

Our product options include:

  • Dry or moist foam layer impregnated with Zinc or Calamine
  • Standard or Lite compression
  • Short Stretch or Long Stretch compression

Our products are ideal for patients with few to many skin conditions who are less active or active. Learn more about our products by visiting our product pages.