SelectSilver® Antimicrobial Technology

Infection prevention is a critical element of wound care, but most antimicrobial dressings available today lack the ability to achieve the delicate balance of antimicrobial protection and moisture management.

SelectSilver® Antimicrobial Technology, based on a proprietary ceramic silver ion, provides a controlled release of silver ions in the presence of moisture and sodium. The controlled release of silver inhibits a broad spectrum of infection-causing microbes including antibiotic-resistant strains. Silver ions are released slowly throughout the use of the dressings.

The silver ion active ingredient SelectSilver® is released from an NaHZr2(PO4)3 inert matrix in a controlled manner throughout the use of a dressing.

The silver ion (Ag+) released by SelectSilver® technology has been demonstrated to provide broad spectrum efficacy against gram +, gram – and resistant strains of bacteria as well as fungi.

SelectSilver® technology provides an infinitely tunable silver delivery mechanism resulting in the moist efficient utilization of active ingredient for each application.

Additionally, AFM® technology helps manage moisture by moving excess moisture away from the wound while maintaining a moist environment – helping to protect and manage the wound.